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Post Office Bank Transformation Programme - New SAP Back Office and Cash Transit Scheduling Solution.

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The Challenge

The Post Office business processes were struggling to support recent business growth, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and lost revenue to competitors. To address this issue the Post Office were seeking to consolidate their retail back office and cash transit scheduling solutions onto one SAP system backbone.

This complex transformation programme required major changes to both the technology and businesses operating model, with limited programme resource. The programme was late and go-live had been delayed several times. With six months to go before the next ‘planned’ go-live the programme had stalled the business had disengaged and the Systems Integrator was stranded unable to move the programme forward.

The One Eighty Approach

Our role was to carry out a rapid Turnaround Assessment with a focus on identifying the necessary mitigation plans to unlock the impasse and move the programme forward. Our assessment identified a number of significant issues in the following areas:

  • Supplier performance
  • Business Engagement
  • Governance
  • System testing
  • Business readiness / operating model design
  • Programme Planning

We developed a turnaround plan to address these issues and provided Jump Start Programme support to expedite the turnaround process and regain momentum. Our services also included mentoring the Systems Integrator.

The End Result

The programme was able to quickly stabilise and move forward, and as a direct result of our services was able to go live on time, putting in place new business processes and systems with no operational disruption to the business.

Our rates are extremely competitive, offering excellent value for money especially considering the significant financial and reputational cost of programme failure.

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