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The Business Transformation Challenge

Businesses are under increasing pressure to innovate, differentiate, grow profitability and drive efficiency. One way business leaders are responding to this challenge is through major business transformation programmes. These programmes can impact an entire business function, the whole organisation or its customers and success is often critical to an organisations long term future.

Today’s business transformation programmes are often defined by their global scope, large budgets, complex management structures and the need for accelerated delivery and benefit realisation. Many organisations have already been shaped by two decades of continuous innovation, meaning they are people and process optimised whilst the complexity of today’s digital technology agenda can test even the most seasoned leadership and programme team.

Organisations often struggle to sustain and embed business transformation and senior business leaders are not made aware of problems in time to take corrective action, ultimately resulting in the need for significant intervention to recover a failing programme.

With analyst firm Gartner reporting that an estimated 60-75% of programmes fail and Davos reporting that up to £2 of every £3 spent on transformation is wasted, it has never been more important for business leaders have full visibility of the programmes they sponsor in order to understand the challenges they face and the critical risks to delivery.

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Is your programme in trouble? We can help turn it around

Introducing the One Eighty Turnaround Assessment

Business Transformation Programme’s tend to involve large teams working together to achieve an agreed outcome, using technology. If either area does not perform to expectations, the programme can be at risk of failure.

Those working directly within the programme are often too close to the work and can miss early warning signs of problems. As issues mount up, tensions can arise between departments and team’s can become disconnected and despondent, putting the programme at even greater risk of failure.

There is never a single cause of programme failure, more often it is a combination of factors which require independent assistance to identify and repair. When conducting our assessments, we do so considering the four core pillars of any successful Business Transformation (People, Business Process, Digital Technology and Data) throughout.

Based on our experience and subject matter expertise, our assessments cover 15 potential problem areas and include an assessment of over 100 common failure points.

We will conduct a detailed analysis of programme processes and documentation and work with key programme stakeholders to identify the root cause(s) of any problems. This will enable us to determine the extent and severity of potential problems.

As a result of our work you will receive:

  • A bespoke report setting out the key issues identified and associated risks to successful programme delivery; and
  • A clear prioritised set of the actions required to resolve the issues and a turnaround plan for the team to take forward.

Following our Turnaround Assessment if required for a short time, we can work alongside your programme team to 'jump start' and expedite the recovery process.

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What You Will Gain When You Contact Us

Our services provide senior business leaders with the following benefits:

  • Increased Visibility and Clarity

    A clear understanding of your programmes current status, key risks to delivery and an action plan to address any problem areas.

  • Reduced Financial Risk

    Through an understanding of costs and containing delays and overspends.

  • Greater Confidence

    In the programmes ability to achieve its objectives and increased protection of your organisation’s future performance.

  • Enhanced Reputation

    Safeguarding your personal and professional reputation and building trust in your organisation.

We Offer Excellent Value

Our rates are extremely competitive, offering excellent value for money especially considering the significant financial and reputational cost of programme failure.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your programme.

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