Specialist Programme Advisory Services

Discover how our services can reduce the risk of your Business Transformation Programme failing.

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We Reduce The Risk of Programme Failure

Our holistic approach to programme assurance is designed to increase your chances of successful delivery.

Total Programme Support

In order to increase your changes of successful delivery, we offer a number of bespoke services to support you throughout the delivery life-cycle, which we can tailor to your specific requirements. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your programme succeed.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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Programme Turnaround

In just 28 days you will have a clear understanding of the areas of weakness in your programme and a clear plan of action to improve your chances of successful delivery.

Critical Friend Advisory

We provide subject matter expertise, programme risk assessments and independent advice / challenge to programmes at critical milestones or key decision points.

Programme Team Mentoring

We offer 1-1 mentoring and support to your programme team and can up skill them through our coaching group. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

What You Will Gain When You Contact Us

Our services provide senior business leaders with the following benefits:

  • Increased Visibility and Clarity

    A clear understanding of your programmes current status, key risks to delivery and an action plan to address any problem areas.

  • Reduced Financial Risk

    Through an understanding of costs and containing delays and overspends.

  • Greater Confidence

    In the programmes ability to achieve its objectives and increased protection of your organisation’s future performance.

  • Enhanced Reputation

    Safeguarding your personal and professional reputation and building trust in your organisation.

Is your Business Transformation Programme failing?

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