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Our Project Assessments provide Local Authority Leaders with full visibility over the projects they sponsor, allowing for action, before problems arise.

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Do you need an independent perspective on how well your project or programme is performing?

Our holistic assessments provide Local Authority leaders with independent programme assurance and highlight potential areas of risk, allowing for action before problems arise.

Helping you succeed, where others projects fail

Alongside central government funding cuts of nearly 50% since 2010, local authorities are facing strong demand and cost pressures, with no reduction in their statutory obligations to provide services. To respond to these challenges many Council’s embark on a series of major projects and programmes to both transform the services they offer and deliver improved environments for residents.

Effective project and programme management is essential for these projects to succeed. However, joint research by CIPFA & the Charted Institute of Management Accountants has noted that Councils often experience an in-house shortage of the specialist skills required. Which can increase cost and complexity, cause delays and impact on effective project delivery.

Councils are not alone in facing challenges delivering major projects and programmes. Analyst firm Gartner reports that an estimated 60-75% of programmes fail to meet their objectives, or deliver on time and on budget. In the midst of delivery those working directly within the programme are often too close to the work and can miss early warning signs of problems. As issues mount up, tensions often arise between departments and teams can become disconnected and despondent, putting the programme at risk of failure.

Councils are under pressure to maximise every public pound, however the Project Management Institute reports that almost 10% of project spend is wasted due to poor project performance, scarce funds which Councils cannot afford to waste.

It has never been more important for Local Authority leaders to have full visibility of the programmes they sponsor, in order to understand the challenges they face and the critical risks to delivery, allowing them to make fully informed decisions and implement any required changes before major problems arise.

One way to achieve full visibility is though our bespoke Programme Assessments, which can:

  • Provide an independent perspective on how well the programme is performing.
  • Act as an early warning system of potential problems and support informed and timely decisions.
  • Ensure your Programme Management controls are optimised for the current delivery priorities.
  • Determine whether your programme is on track to deliver the expected organisational benefits.

The One Eighty Programme Assurance Assessment

Providing leaders with the clarity & visibility to reduce the risk of project & programme failure.

Robust controls and the effective management of key risks areas is essential for Projects and Programmes to achieve their intended benefits.  Our assessments cover the key risk and control areas and are based on good practice project and programme management principles as well as our extensive experience, conducting over 200 assessments in Local Government.

Assessments can be conducted at any stage of the delivery life-cycle, assess all risk areas or focus on particular areas of concern. We can also review multiple projects across the Council to identify any areas of systemic risk, provide thematic observations and lessons, which can be shared and applied across the Council.

To complete our assessments we will conduct a detailed analysis of programme processes and documentation and work with key programme stakeholders to identify any areas of risk.

As a result of our work you will receive:

  • A bespoke report setting out key issues identified and the associated risks / potential impact to successful delivery; and
  • A clear set of actions required to resolve any issues and reduce the risk of failure, for your programme team to take forward.

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We are Local Government Project & Programme Assurance Experts

Our experience includes conducting 200+ Project & Programme assurance reviews in Local Government, covering all Council areas and project types, such as:

  • Strategic Transformation

  • Financial Savings Programmes

  • IT & Technology Programmes

  • Regeneration Programmes

  • Health, Social Care & NHS Trust Projects

  • Housing / Capital Works Projects

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What You Will Gain When You Contact Us

Our services provide senior Council members with the following benefits:

  • Increased Visibility and Clarity

    A clear understanding of your programmes current status, key risks to delivery and an action plan to address any problem areas.

  • Greater Confidence

    In the programmes ability to achieve its objectives and increased protection of your organisation’s future performance.

  • Reduced Risk

    A full understanding of delivery risks to support informed and timely remedial action.

  • Enhanced Reputation

    Safeguarding your personal and professional reputation and building trust in your organisation.

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We Offer Excellent Value

Our rates are extremely competitive, especially considering the significant financial and reputational cost of programme failure. Contact us today to discuss how we can help ensure your programme is successful.

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