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The Challenge

After two decades of brand decline and lack of investment Jaguar Landrover was purchased by new owners, there was an immediate need to invest in and develop a new target operating model to support a modern regional automotive manufacturer.

JLR decided to embrace the new Parent Companies automotive operating model based around a light SAP ERP template which had been successfully deployed across a number of Asian manufacturing operating companies within the group. The parent companies internal IT organization was tasked to roll the template solution to the UK operation. (The global automotive supply chain resides on SAP, all major manufacturers use SAP to support business operations).

Midway through the change programme it became clear that due to brand success JLR was rapidly moving to become a global brand and the strategic direction of the company was changed to that of a global automotive with the supporting global manufacturing and supply chain footprint.

A target was set was to increase production by over 750,000 units per year, critical to this success was moving JLR fully on to a SAP backbone operating model. However due to the change of organizational direction and after two years of trying the SAP programme had stalled and was dead in the water, multiple System integrator s had tried and failed to deliver the programme.

With time running out to deliver the global SAP backbone solution that laid the foundation global transformation and with a portfolio of complex SAP centric change programmes stacking including Chinese JV and new manufacturing plants One Eighty Advisory was asked to step in and provide a turnaround around assessment and delivery leadership.

The One Eighty Approach

Our role was to carry out a rapid Turnaround Assessment with a focus on identifying the necessary mitigation plans to unlock the impasse, restructure the programme, re-establish business support and move the programme forward.

Our assessment identified a number of significant issues in the following areas:

  • Programme Scope  / Benefits Case
  • Business Engagement / Change Management
  • Business readiness / operating model design
  • Programme Capacity and Capability

We developed a turnaround plan to address these issues and provided Jump Start Programme support to expedite the turnaround process and regain momentum. Our services also included mentoring senior business stakeholders.

Our support resulted in the following key areas of improvement: (SAP solution was not the issue)

  • Providing immediate and visible direction to the 550 strong programme team
  • Establishing the concept of global process ownership
  • Developing business change impact approach led by the business to shape and adopt the global TOM
  • Allowed the business to shape operational readiness approach to allow core SAP global template to go live.
  • Reduced dependencies on system integrator’s by developing interim internal SAP practice model linked to establishment of longer term centre of excellence model.

The End Result

Restructured and with a clear business change road map in place endorsed by the operational business, six months on the programme hit its revised go live date with no operational disruption to the business.

But that was just the beginning of the turnaround story, as the programme transitioned into an internal SAP delivery practice model. Reusable delivery and business change play books were developed to support the rapid delivery of the Chinese Joint venture and UK engine plant and Brazilian production plant innovation programmes.

Our rates are extremely competitive, offering excellent value for money especially considering the significant financial and reputational cost of programme failure.

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