Finance Programme Turnaround

Global Energy Trading Company, turnaround and jump start of a stalled SAP Finance Transformation Programme.

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The Challenge

Like many organisations the CFO had a clear digital vision to drive top line growth and EBIDA with Treasury, FX and process optimisation in parallel with ongoing FRS compliance changes.

With limited transformation DNA capability within the organisation the transformation team were struggling to shape and get underway, with CFO and investor frustration growing and the programme seemingly stuck One Eighty Advisory were asked to help.

The One Eighty Approach

Our role was to carry out a rapid Turnaround Assessment with a focus on identifying the necessary steps required to restructure a viable and re-energised transformation programme which balanced delivering to the CFO’s vision with the capabilities and capacity of the business. Our assessment identified a number of significant issues in the following areas:

  • No clearly defined or prioritised scope
  • Target Operating Model - lack of focus on how the new processes would work as well as ongoing process orchestration issues, focus on machine learning opposed to business process outsource to reduce transactional bottlenecks.
  • Business Case / Benefits, significantly understated / unclear
  • No governance process in place
  • Programme and business capacity and capability issues
  • Supplier selection / management issues
  • Programme Planning issues.

We developed a turnaround plan to address these issues and provided Jump Start Programme support to expedite the turnaround process and regain momentum. This included assisting in the development of the following:

  • Defined Scope
  • TOM design
  • Governance Process
  • Programme Plan
  • Digital strategy (focus on augmenting what they had with bolt on SAP products)
  • Helped the programme team to select the right partners.

We also worked with the business up-skilling the programme team and focusing on and self-sufficiency, central to their drive for innovation.  This approach readily allowed the business to start realising the benefits early within the programme time scale and allowed them to confidently move forward into a sustained transformation release cycle.

The End Result

Once restructured the programme rallied around a sustainable 2 year transformation road map. With the focus on sustainable packets of transformation, linked to fiscal change releases, with target operating model design and SAP digital innovation, delivered in bite size chunks.

We continue to support in a Trusted partner role with focus on go live and operational readiness assessments to ensure the transformation is well embedded and benefits continue to be realised without breaking the business.

Our rates are extremely competitive, offering excellent value for money especially considering the significant financial and reputational cost of programme failure.

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