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Like no other, our Digital Up-cycle service helps organisations focus on bankable benefits & improved liquidity by making better use of existing technology assets & avoiding high risk, costly transformation.

With analyst firm Gartner reporting that an estimated 75% of programmes fail to achieve their intended objectives, and that up to £2 of every £3 invested in transformation is wasted, major transformation can simply be too much of a risk. Many organisations simply do not have the money or time to waste (technology is moving so rapidly that value is never fully achieved via a full transformation programme), or investors willing to tolerate loss of stock value or corporate failure. It is therefore no so surprise that we are increasingly seeing many well established organisations simply vanishing as they fall foul of major transformation programmes.

There are a number of fundamental failure points which can make large scale digital transformation untenable for many organisations, such as:

  • Business priorities are changing rapidly negating in flight transformation programmes;
  • Technology changes so rapidly its impossible to fully realise the expected benefits;
  • Organisations have spent two decades innovating services and processes and embracing a new digital op model will require a huge invest in business change management (40% of programmes fail due to resistance to change);
  • Organisation’s digital strategies cannot deliver quickly enough to sustain business priorities;
  • Organisations are now heavily people optimised, they often don’t have the in house skills or capacity to sustain large scale transformation; and
  • The business is increasingly seeing technology as a cost of sale opposed to a capital overhead, with an expectation to utilise and move on.

Introducing the One Eighty Digital Up-Cycle Assessment

Our assessments can give your existing ERP systems another 10 years of life. With greater benefits and less risk to your organisations operations, cash flow and listed value.

At One Eighty we believe there is a less risky, more cost-effective alternative to major transformation. Most organisations already have a viable legacy digital core architecture which can be leveraged to achieve organisational objectives without major business disruption.

We consider how your required outcomes can be pragmatically met with a mixture of new and old technologies, with an emphasis on sweating your existing assets to add value and provide quick wins to your organisation.

Our assessments help organisations up-cycle their existing technology solutions to minimise business investment and operational impact whilst focusing upon quick wins, agile business transformation, that adds instant value (EBIDTA) and liquidity (Cashflow).

Our assessment rapidly validates areas, such as:

  • Business strategy / priorities and the required outcomes;
  • Operational challenges and any conflicting priorities, versus the use of new technology;
  • Current IT legacy estate and its health, including whether current pain points could be met with small changes to the existing estate;
  • Current IT strategy versus potential business impact;
  • Current process and data health in context of supporting legacy technology;
  • Organisational capacity and capability to sustain transformation;
  • Proposed transformation portfolio, including any inflight transformation programmes and their intended benefits and potential business / financial impact; and

As a result of our work you will receive:

  • A bespoke report setting out a proposed short to medium term transformation roadmap, providing fantastic fast value with easy to quantify business and financial benefits; and
  • A clear prioritised series of small make do and mend change initiatives leveraging existing IT assets and releasing cash back to the business and the proposed next steps for your team to take forward.

What You Will Gain When You Contact Us

Our Up-Cycle service provide CFOs and senior business leaders with the following benefits:

  • Increased Clarity

    A clear understanding and alternative view of what could or should be safely delivered.

  • Reduced Risk

    Through an understanding of alternative (lower cost) options and less business disruption.

  • Greater Confidence

    In the organisations ability to achieve its objectives and increased protection of your organisation’s future performance.

  • Enhanced Reputation

    Safeguarding your personal and professional reputation and building trust in your organisation.

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We Offer Excellent Value

Whether its, big data, management information, robotic automation, predictive analytics, user experience, information security, customer engagement, cloud, blockchain, IOT or whatever spins out next we believe we can help you achieve 80% of your required outcomes without ripping it out and starting again.

Our rates are extremely competitive, offering excellent value for money especially considering the significant financial and reputational cost of proceeding with transformation programmes which fail to deliver the intended benefits.

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