Today we began engagement with the SAP User Group community showcasing our SAP Digital Up-cycle service, which in a post COVID-19 world, may well be the only viable alternative to major SAP transformation programmes. Here’s why:

Does the thought of another major SAP Transformation Programme fill you with dread? We don’t blame you, with analyst firm Gartner reporting that an estimated 75% of programmes fail to achieve their intended objectives, and Davos that up to £2 of every £3 invested in transformation is wasted, major transformation can simply be too much of a risk. Many organisations simply do not have the time and money waste or investors willing to tolerate loss of stock value or potential of corporate failure.

For existing SAP users, investment in a move to S4 HANA may deliver little tangible benefits and can in fact distract organisations from the business transformation really required. A typical programme to move to S4 can take a year or more, that’s a year spent investing for little return whilst your competitors race ahead!

At One Eighty Advisory we believe there is another way!

The alternative to SAP Transformation

Our digital up-cycle assessments can give your existing SAP system another 10 years of life. With greater benefits and less risk to your organisation’s operations, cash flow and listed value.

Your organisation already has a viable legacy SAP digital core, which can be leveraged, to achieve your objectives without the major business disruption caused by so many SAP transformation programmes. Our digital up-cycle assessments consider how your your required outcomes can be met with a mixture of old and new technologies but with the emphasis on sweating your existing SAP assets. To provide quick wins, cash flow and revenue value!

We offer deep subject matter expertise, with over 30 years SAP Programme delivery experience and big four professional service firm backgrounds without the big price tag.

You can learn more about us and read our excellent client testimonials HERE

Our SAP Digital Up-cycle service, can give you:

  1. Digital Clarity
  2. Reduced Risk
  3. Confidence in Delivery
  4. An Enhanced Reputation
  5. Bankable Benefits!

CONTACT US today and discover the alternative to painful SAP transformation!

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