Celebrating programme success and acknowledging areas of improvement

The IT press have been roundly criticizing Haribo’s @one Haribo Global business transformation programme, primarily because the Tech industry doesn’t fully understand the complexity of business transformation and what good looks like (everyone is an expert but few have ever led and successfully delivered such a large complex digital change programme.) 

Our view is that it wasn’t all doom and gloom for Haribo, sure there were challenges but credit where credit is due.

What went well:

  • Clear global vision “One Haribo”
  • Time spent developing a complex new operational target operating model including production planning, production, warehouse management and logistics.
  • Organisational impact and change management including introduction of new logistic sites and hire of 800 new heads
  • Developing its own internal delivery capability
  • No big bang, a phased implementation so that lessons could be learnt.

A great team effort which is rare and should be celebrated!

From what’s been reported its clear that operational readiness wasn’t as well planned out as it should have been, but this was less about the final to-be operating model and more about enacting a temporary business continuity plan to ensure no disruption to production or Sales. We are told that in some instances there was short term stock shortages which could have been mitigated.

Lessons Learnt – As with most SAP transformation scare stories, the SAP solution wasn’t the pain point.

Why does it matter?  Because operational business transformation is complex and it’s very easy to blow your entire benefit case on one botched go live…… learn more about how we could have helped this programme minimise their issues here.

Even the best run programmes need a critical friend to point out areas which need greater focus.

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