The freelance consultant wildlings are getting worried on the other side of the Digital Wall, rumour is the army of the dead is on the way and ERP winter is coming.

Today I thought I would draw attention to the ERP Winter that is fast approaching and will further disrupt the S4H market.

Like the Night King and his White Walkers, Amazon Technology (Not the “Book Store” as Duncan Tait famously called them) is on the march, and is looking to park their ERP dragon right on top of SAPs Digital vision.

It’s been fun watching SAP and Oracle take lumps out of each other over the years, both are worked really hard to consolidate ERP / Enterprise 3.0 technologies within their brands

Both have seen off the challenge from MS and have ensured MS Dynamic ERP is very much a mid tier product.

SAP have in my view played an absolute blinder in taking out the Oracle threat, Oracle took their eyes off the ball and reinvented their ERP around Fusion.

SAP went for the Oracle jugular and developed their own in-men db and then slowly at low risk upgraded their core ERP around it (S4H) whilst going on a massive round of product and tech acquisitions to further make Oracle look second best and in some instances redundant.

SAP and Oracle have both been drawn to the cloud, SAPs 2020 vision is based upon the entire product strategy being Cloud and HANA enabled.

Both have been playing a dangerous game of brinkmanship with Amazon as they reinvent themselves around Industry 4.0 and Amazon become the cloud hosting partner of choice. (AWS is a full SAP hosting partner and a key part of the SAP eco system and a key strategic SAP partner).

But I suspect just as SAP had a plan to out manoeuvre Oracle so too has the Amazon Night King, a long term plan to dominate the Tier 1 and tier 2 cloud ERP and data cognitive services market.

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Behind the wall there are tales of Amazon investing in Infor M3, Amazons has selected M3 for its logistics business! There are other tales of large organisations going with M3 ?


This is Amazons opportunity to try and develop their own fully hosted cloud digital platform, but with built in cognitive APIs linked to big data analytics, an area SAP are playing catch up.

But AWS offer one simple additional feature: Transparent IT as a Service pricing……. Ouch


SAP are good at surviving

Who knows maybe a SAP – Oracle Merger, is on the cards, would love to see Larry and Bill team up

Maybe SAP acquire M3

Maybe SAP slow down, simplify the product range, cut out product duplication and allow the customers to draw a breath and catch up.

or maybe ERP is a legacy concept and SAP Cloud platform is the real future…

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