With only a few days to go until the start of the Premiership season I thought I’d share a little known fact:

Sam Alladyce is a digital innovator !!

I’m sure he would love SAP Sports One analytics if offered the Manchester City Job

Data is at the heart of Football at all levels of the game(Soccer and NFL) and some would say it has been for over a decade.

But what most people don’t know is that player performance analytics first came to the UK with Sam Alladyce,

When he took over the managers position at Bolton, he could’t go out and buy top players so he went back to basics, he hired some data analysts and invested in the ProZone sports analytics system and the rest is history.

Turning a Circus into a Premiership Football Club – An example of Sam’s Work:

The reason why Sam has been so successful is simple, he takes a squad, looks at individual player data, finds their weaknesses and then works to optimise the player. He then uses performance analytics to break down the opposition, it isn’t rocket science.

His teams are fit, can pass the ball and play for 95 minutes.

Why is that important because watching Sam’s team play, can sometimes be like watching the Monty Python Film “Life of Brian” and the scene when Brian runs around the Roman Amphitheatre being chased by a gladiator until the gladiator has a heart attack and dies.

His teams know how to ware down the opposition and how to close down and close out a game, it’s not good to watch but it’s highly effective.

Why does this matter ? Ask Karen Brady £200m in extra revenue isn’t a bad start:

Sam took over a very shabby #westham football team and took them from being a Championship soap opera back to be European contenders or put another way

He added £200m revenue a year and significantly enhanced EBIDTA

SAP Leonardo Joining the Football Data Party:

SAP Sports One has been a hidden analytics offering since 2014, in true SAP style its had #HANA angel dust sprinkled on it and the new offering has plug and play SAP Cloud Platform sucking data from multiple third party data sources through standard APIs.

What’s important about the Sports One Solution is that its more than performance data, it now links into the full SAP digital product suite such as C4H to manage the customer experience from ticket sales through to digital customer engagement and retail.

Even the smallest Football league or Conference team benefit from SAP Intelligent Enterprise.

If you want to know more about SAP and Football I’ll be at Anfield on Sunday to watch the mighty West Ham destroy Liverpool……

I’m Alisdair Bach and I’m passionate about SAP and business transformation.

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